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Why millions are switching to natural deodorant

Why millions are switching to natural deodorant

Why should a pandemic be a perfect time to switch my deodorant you might be wondering? I want to give you answers to why many people give up on their natural deodorant too soon. And also why now is the perfect time to switch. I also want to explain to you why I am personally so convinced of clean beauty products, including natural deodorants. 


I feel driven to share this with you

I want you to be healthy, stay balanced and live a happy and long life on this wonderful planet. I am on a mission to educate and inform you on the impacts of your daily routines.

I had this moment of truth when I realized how fragile life can be and how important it is to pay attention not only to what we eat and drink, but also to what we apply on our skin. A little goes a long way and can improve your life a lot! 

The more you feel empowered to make good choices the more you will share and pass on your special talent or knowledge to the world. We’re in this together, and this is not only true for Covid19, but for life in general. 


Clean beauty products are on the rise

Any good article should be fact based! So does natural deodorant reduce your risk of cancer? Maybe. There are many questionable ingredients in conventional deodorants. Up to this day there exist several studies to prove that aluminum in deodorants increases the risk of women for breast cancer. These studies have not shown significant results. 


Nevertheless, they were carried out for a reason. Decide for yourself if avoiding aluminum and other questionable ingredients is an option for you. 

For further depth on ingredients in deodorants please check out my blog post


Switching to a natural deodorant is of course only one puzzle piece to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. But then again every little bit helps and makes a change. 

Skin care is just as important as your nutrition. At ONE Body we believe if you wouldn’t eat the ingredients, you shouldn’t apply them to your body. I invite you to answer the following questions with me:

  1. Why your health should be the top priority in life
  2. Why anything that we apply to our skin matters
  3. Why now is a perfect time to switch to a natural deodorant


Why your health should be the top priority in life

COVID19 wake up call!

The importance of your health has never been more obvious than during the last weeks. Ever since its outbreak in China in December of 2019 Covid-19 has changed our lives. Everything that seemed to be normal and given has been put on hold. All of the sudden it is evident that health is the most important value in life. Economies are shut down, everything comes to a stop. We are showing great solidarity to the weak and affected risk groups in our societies.

Covid19 measures have provided us with lots of time to reflect upon our lives and our priorities. We are not so busy anymore, we are not traveling, and are mostly at home. We are learning to spend more time in our families, or in isolation, and we are trying to adapt to the new rules, which are hopefully only going to be temporary. 

To stay in a positive mindset is key these days. If we find the strength to convert this time into committing to positive changes in our life we will be stronger and better afterwards. 

This is a great time to be conscious about our self care. What does your daily routine look like? Which products do you use for your skin? Are you aware of all of the ingredients and the impact they could have on your skin?

This changed my way of thinking drastically

I want to share with you my story that made me switch to natural deodorants and eventually led me to founding ONE Body.

 Last year, in 2019, I underwent a leg surgery that scared me to death.

Our daughter had just been born three months ago and I was enjoying my body without the “extra human inside”. I was exercising every day: running on the beach, cycling, swimming in the ocean.

Life in Florida is wonderful and especially when you are an outdoor loving person like me. I don’t exercise for the looks or for competition, I exercise because I LOVE to run, to swim, to bike.  

It was during this time that I went to see my physio Gary every other week to keep my muscles appeased after all this exercise.  I felt totally fit and healthy when he discovered that knot in my right calf. And this was when my world changed. 

I started seeing doctors, took MRI’s and waited for results and appointments. It was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me! Finally a tumor was diagnosed in my right calf. Until the results of the biopsy came out it wasn’t clear what kind of tumor it was. Did I have a benign or a malign (= cancer) tumor?

My life seemed to be so fragile all of the sudden. I wondered how much time I had left to live. How could this happen to me? My results finally showed that it was a benign tumor. But since it kept growing it had to be removed.


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I felt so relieved and at the same time so sorry for everybody who didn’t get a positive test result that day. Life is so vulnerable. Priorities shift so quickly. 

I was still struck with disbelief how I could have grown a tumor? I’ve been a vegetarian for the last 25 years of my life. I don’t smoke, I drink very little alcohol (I admit though, that I LOVE wine), I eat organic, I get enough sleep. I drink plenty of water throughout the day, I drink tea in the morning, eat fruit and seeds and drink green smoothies. There is no cancer running in my family. 


Since there was no logical link or reason for me to have a tumor in my leg I started to reflect on my habits. I gradually started to understand the importance of environmental influences, including our daily skin care routines on our body and health. 


 Why anything that we apply to our skin matters

I started to check on my skin care routine and the products I used. I changed to natural ingredients only, to make sure that I avoided any questionable ingredients. This cleaning process also included my deodorant. 


As much as I was convinced that living a healthy life was key, I wanted to make a positive change in other people’s life as well. I felt such an urgency to act and to protect others and myself from any negative influence that could be avoided, that I founded ONE Body.\

I decided to make a difference in the world. I quit my corporate career and dedicated all my time to doing something more meaningful. I had realized that we are not invincible. But we can try to minimize any negative influence on our bodies and still enjoy ourselves and our lives. 

Our environment and anything that we apply to our skin matter! Yes, all the aspects of a healthy lifestyle mentioned above of course matter as well. To live and eat and drink healthy, to exercise, and rest and breath,… all that is very important. And there is simply nothing you can do about DNA.

So we need to be responsible about the skin care products that we are using. 

Natural deodorants should contain natural ingredients only

And this is the reason why already millions of Americans have been switching to natural deodorants.

They switched because they are conscious of its importance. They switched because they are aware of how much a deodorant that you apply every single day under your armpit matter. And this is an easy change in habit.  


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That is why clean cosmetics, clean beauty and clean body care products have been experiencing such high growth rates during the last years. And they continue to grow as more and more consumers become aware of the importance. 


I would love to encourage you to use a product that only contains natural ingredients. 

Yet, it is important to point out that there are many natural deodorants on the market that are actually not all natural. Although they contain natural ingredients, they also have other synthetic ingredients mixed in. These products are not natural and fall under the category of greenwashing.

The problem is that there is no clear definition on a natural deodorant. So my recommendation would be to look out for labels of third parties that certify ingredients, manufacturing procedures and companies on objective standards, such as the USDA label. 

To find out more about the labels that we provide with our deodorants please check out our mission site at or go directly to


For you this means that since there is no clear definition of what a natural deodorant can and can not contain you have to read the labels for each brand to make sure what’s in it and then decide. 


The good news is that there are so many great natural deodorants on the market. A lot of them are regionally sold, or directed towards a certain target group. I tested several natural brands (and liked many of them) before I decided to create my own natural deodorant brand. 


And every natural brand follows its own philosophy. There is room for all. Every brand also has its secret sauce for success. One product might work for you better than another. The truth is the only way to find out which deodorant will work for you is through testing and comparing. 


The skin is our biggest organ

Our skin is with a total area of about 20 square feet, the biggest organ we have in our body. It helps regulate body temperature, and permits the sensations of touch, heat, and cold. The primary function of the skin is to act as a barrier. 


“Skin acts as a waterproof, insulating shield, guarding the body against extremes of temperature, damaging sunlight, and harmful chemicals.” This is of course unless we apply these chemicals on our skin as a supposedly beauty product including absorbing ingredients that makes it enter into our skin. Then our skin cannot protect us but will absorb whatever is put on. 


Skin also exudes antibacterial substances that prevent infection. Which is why our skin is currently, in days of Covid19, more important than ever: Wash your hands! (Who hasn’t heard that at least a million times ever since this pandemic started?) 

Skin additionally is a huge sensor packed with nerves for keeping the brain in touch with the outside world. If you want to interpret it in a way, our skin is a huge communicator between our surroundings and our inside, just as our other senses are. 


At the same time, skin allows us free movement, proving itself an amazingly versatile organ. Which is why we love and care so much to keep it in good shape because it allows us to be active, to stay protected and to cope with our environment. (compare “Skin is the human body’s largest organ.”, )


Throughout our life, our skin will change constantly. In fact, it will regenerate itself approximately every 27 days. 

Proper skin care is essential to maintaining the health and vitality of this protective organ. Bodycare products are nurturing your skin, since anything that you apply onto your skin gets absorbed and transported into your body. This is why it is so important to keep a close focus on what products you use. 


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Now is the right time for a natural deodorant

Is there one thing that social distancing could be good for? Maybe the fact that there is a time of detoxing needed to switch and this might leave you smelling unpleasantly. So keeping your distance might be in your best interest for the next remaining 2-4 weeks. Let me explain this a bit further. 


If you are like most people then switching from a conventional to a natural deodorant might lead to some detoxing. 2-4 weeks is the time it takes your body to detox and it depends strongly on previously used products.

If you’ve been using antiperspirants before switching to a natural deodorant that contains aluminum, it’s likely to take the longest. 


You stink because your body needs to get rid of all the toxins that have been accumulated over the years. You might even sweat more during the first week after going natural. Your pores are unclogging from aluminum, which is precisely used to clog your pores.

Once this detoxing process is over you will sweat less and the natural deodorant keeps you fresh all day. 


While detoxing there are a few natural actions that you can take to help your body to get rid of all those toxins and reduce your body odor:


  • Try to wear mostly natural fibres, of course even better if it’s fair trade 🙂 
  • Drink plenty of water, you may add some fresh lime juice, but water is really key!!!
  • Mind what you eat: the greener the better! There are so many recipes online to get inspired!!! Try out some green smoothie recipes and leave a comment if you need help.
  • Avoid alcohol and soft drinks, of course, no smoking either
  • Try a bentonite clay mask under your arms or use some apple vinegar for easy use (
  • Take frequent showers to wash off any remaining toxins and dry off well


In summary my message to you is to not give up on your new natural deodorant too soon. Detoxing might take you up to 4 weeks. Also remember that you might have to test different brands before you’ll find your ideal natural brand. 


But stick with it. Your health and body will love it 🙂 


And, just in case the other quarantined family members complain about your smell: get them onboard for this journey. Together it’s more fun and you can exchange your experiences and frustrations. 


It is a great investment to switch your whole family, including teens, to a natural deodorant. Establishing healthy habits during this time is time and money well spent. 


So, don’t wait. Grab your favorite natural deodorant or buy several ones to try them out. Be patient and be ready to detox for some weeks. I hope you feel motivated enough now and learned some new things about the human’s biggest organ! 


What are your main wins during this time of craziness of Covid-19? Have you established any healthy routine or got something done that you’ve been waiting to get done forever? Let us know and leave a comment below! 




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