Natural Deodorant

Why should I start using a toxic free deodorant?

Environmental impact on our skin

In our current developed world our bodies and our skin suffer from many negative environmental impacts. It is up to us therefore to pay more attention to what we apply to our skin ourselves. Why use more chemicals and toxic ingredients to your skin than necessary?  This toxic free approach for our body care products also includes the use of our deodorant, that we apply on a daily basis.

Natural works just as good

To make it short: ONE Body deodorants will work just as effective and are just as long lasting as any other conventional deodorant, BUT it is all natural. So natural, that you could actually eat it. Although, of course, we do not recommend doing so, because that would be a waist of product.

But coming back to our initial question- why toxic free? Especially for the use of deodorants the location is key: Our underarm skin absorbs whatever we put on it. The underarm is directly routed to our lymphatic system, which plays an important part in our immune system. That doesn’t mean that our deodorant will influence our immune system, but it shows how delicate our body is where we place our deodorant.

How our body works

The limbic system is heavily involved in forming memories. This can partly explain why familiar smells can trigger memories or emotions. The limbic system also plays a role in controlling some unconscious physiological functions, such as breathing, heart rate and blood pressure.

All of our body is connected and optimized over thousands of years of evolution. Our sweat glands are one of the many ways of our body to regulate the body temperature and to also react to situations of stress, when adrenaline is released. BAck in the days our bodys were in survival mode when adrenaline was released, while nowadays it’s likely that we just had a busy morning in intense meetings, had to catch the last flight home or got into a heated telephone conference with overseas. Back then and now our body reacts and needs to interact with our state of being. Sweating is part of that process.

Say no to antiperspirants

For that same reason we do not recommend the use of antiperspirants, for these products block the sweat glands using aluminum most of the time. Aluminum has might have some questionable side effects, read up on that topic more in our next article.

Keep it natural

At ONE Body we only use essential oils to add our scents and we stay away from any other natural or artificial fragrance. Some people claim that essential oils can exert a physical effect on your body in this way, although this has yet to be confirmed through studies.

More-and-more people are turning to more natural & holistic approaches to personal care products. By using natural ingredients to heal ourselves we can be free of the worries of unwanted side effects. We will talk about these side effects of ingredients of conventional deodorants in our next article. The more transparent a label reads and the more you understand its ingredients, the better!