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Why social distancing is a luxury problem during Covid-19

How to maintain a positive mindset

Hi there! What’s on your mind during times of containment measures everywhere?

How are you doing in times of Covid-19? Are you holding up? Are you staying positive? Are you being productive or just trying to survive without going crazy?

For me this whole experience has been a roller coaster of emotions up to this day. But there is little we can change, other than staying at home to support the Covid-19 heroes to do their jobs and fight for lives.

It’s time to be grateful and thankful

Before anything I’d like to thank all Covid-19 heroes: doctors, nurses, social workers, people who keep our daily needs supply chain running, truck drivers, policemen, firefighters and countless other people who risk their lives to save others! THANK YOU, you are wonderful!!!! I wished there was more we could do to help and support. Please know, that we are all very grateful and admire your work every single day. 

I don’t like this new normal, but I promise to keep moving

There has never been a time like this before, except during times of war. Our freedom to move, to work, to travel or to do whatever we wanted to do has been restricted by our governments. For  a good reason, don’t get me wrong. I totally understand why it’s so important to slow down that rate of infection. We do this to give the healthcare systems a slight chance to cope with those patients in need of intensive care. 

And yet there are some interesting developments in our societies. Is this our new normal? :#Social distancing #stayathome #quedateencasa #Covid19. Times of war are unknown to most of us. If you belong to any of the following generations such as Baby Boomers, Generations X and Y, Millennial’s, Gen Z, Gen Alpha, none of us has ever experienced anything like it. 

I am pretty sure that most of us don’t like the current situation. It’s limiting our freedom, it’s scary, it puts us and our loved ones at risk. Yet, there is nothing else most of us can do, but to stay at home and wait, and work, and read, and pray and do home based online exercises to move.

How a shift in perspective can help us to realize that we are not doing so bad after all

We can take this time and reflect. I admit, it’s a challenge, because it’s a lot more comforting to give in those negative thoughts. It’s natural that we feel sorry for ourselves for missing out on all those things that we could have done if things were normal. I admit, I am there with you. We are not perfect and we also don’t have to be perfect. But if anything, I would like to remind you to be mindful and conscious about how other people are and will be affected by this pandemic.

In this article I would like to invite you to shift your perception to understand how privileged we are and to help you put your thoughts on social distancing into a new perspective. 

While we know that the main purpose to stay at home is to keep the Corona virus Covid-19 from spreading around even faster,  we still struggle on our personal level. This situation is everything but normal and our reasoning can only get us so far to understand and accept our new daily life. But it’s worth the effort to try every single day to find something beautiful around us. I am sure that it will make you feel better to do something good or to find some little detail that makes you smile every single day. I am not saying that it’s easy, but this is life. 

My goal is to help you get through this crisis 

I’ve taken more time to reflect and to think about the direction that our world and societies are going. And this has lead me to read several very interesting, but also terrifying articles on how Covid 19 will affect the poor countries. As usual, the poorest will get hit hardest by this virus. They are the ones who own least of all and they will be the ones who lose most of all. Social distancing is a luxury problem. 

As you know, the mission of ONE BODY is not only to encourage each one of you to live a healthier, toxic free lifestyle by avoiding chemicals and living a more balanced life. But we also want to make this world a better place. We are very much aware of the fact how lucky we are to be living in the country and society we were born into. And we try to help the less fortunate people with our business as well.

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We are engaged in providing clean drinking water to the people of the Central African Republic (CAR)

The truth is, this could be any African country we support, but we chose the CAR, because it is one of the poorest countries in the world. I am sure most of us wouldn’t even know where it’s located. I didn’t know, to be honest, before I heard about “Water for Good”, which is the organisation that we are supporting with every single sale in improve the lives of the African people in CAR.

I want to share my point of view on the current Covid-19 crisis with you. My intention is to help anybody who feels confused or helpless under Covid-19. The article is little related to natural deodorants or toxic free beauty products in general, but it focuses on regaining a clear mind using a shift of perspective. My goal is to help you get through this crisis. 

We’re in this new reality all together and have to learn how to keep on living and keep on making this world a better place. We cannot give up. No matter what the current perspective looks like, we are privileged to live in a rich country. But what about the effects of Covid-19 in the poor countries? 

One Body’s awareness to care for the poor and underprivileged people also in times of Covid-19 is no surprise

How poor countries will be affected by Covid-19

As you might know at ONE Body we support an NGO, Water for Good, in their mission to provide drinking water to people in the Central African Republic, one of the world’s poorest countries. Our awareness to care for the poor and underprivileged people also in times of Covid-19 is no surprise.

After reading an article in the last Economist 26th of March, 2020, in the leaders section “The next calamity- Covid-19 threatens to devastate poor countries”, I had to share this perspective with you. I know I am not the only one who cares. Being in a position to support and to help is what makes us human. Times of crisis show us how vulnerable we are and bring us closer to others who are suffering. It’s time to reflect and time to reconsider our truth and maybe shift perspectives.  

The sad truth in developing countries

As of March 25th there were only 2,800 Covid-19 cases reported in Africa and 650 in India. But we know that the virus has spread and is in nearly every country. The only measures we know might work are social distancing, hand washing and protection for mouth and hands when leaving the house. Without these measures between 25%-80% of a population will get infected and of these approx 4.4 % will need intensive care. 

This is a challenge for rich countries, where several health care systems are close to collapse, like it happened in China, Italy and Spain so far. But what about poor countries?

Social distancing is a mission impossible in crowded cities.

There hasn’t been enough testing to truly know about how many people have been infected so far. Social distancing is a mission impossible in crowded cities. If lock-downs are requested at all by governments, they react too late and people have no time to prepare. Majorities of the countries’ populations live in slums, where people have nowhere to go.

Health care systems are in no position to cope with a highly contagious disease like Covid-19 as they are already struggling with existing infectious diseases. The sad truth is that the poorest will get hit hardest by this pandemic. Some governments are still in irresponsible denial of the disease while its spreading fast. 

More than 6 billion people will be affected by Covid-19 in developing countries

But younger people are not at high risk in comparison to older people. So developing countries should not be as affected with their young populations? Even though we know that the population of these developing countries is on average a lot younger than in industrial countries, these younger people often suffer from weak lungs or immune systems because of malnutrition, tuberculosis or HIV. So there is no relief on age groups for poor countries either.  

The economic fallout from COVID-19 is likely to get “much worse” before it gets better for some six billion people living in developing economies, the UN said on Monday, in an appeal for a $2.5 trillion rescue package to boost their resilience to further hardship.   (Source:  Homepage UNCTAD March 2020

This whole scenario puts our own world of social distancing into a different perspective. While we struggle to stay at home and are unable to go about our normal routines, these six billion people will have to endure a lot more consequences than that. If their societies fail due to lack of money, lack of liquidity and lack of economic restructuring, this pandemic will lead to a collapse of most of Africa’s countries and societies. 

This is all valid and part of our reality.

I admit, there are also aspects such as a rising unemployment rate and job insecurities that many of us suffer from due to Covid-19 in industrial countries. These are our realities and I don’t want to ignore that fact at all. We are all affected one way or the other, but we have to be aware and put things back into perspective. 

My objective is not to talk down on anybody because we suffer in our current lives and our current circumstances. This is all valid and part of our reality. And still, social distancing is a luxury problem, because we can distance ourselves from others. We can complain and suffer from social distancing, because we still have running water and a roof over our heads a some kind of money or income or welfare program to keep us afloat. Africans don’t. 

I am trying to open your eyes to other human beings in this world that are likely to be affected a lot more severely than we are. What about those people in Africa? They might be aware of what’s coming, or they  might not even be informed, but either way there is little to nothing that these people can do about it. 

This is why we should care, even if we are suffering in our reality as well. There is always something we can do, even if it’s just a change of perception of our current situation.

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It’s a vicious cycle.

On top of this humanitarian crisis there is a financial crisis which will leave them even worse off than they already are. Foreign investments have been put on hold or even have pulled out from emerging markets. This leads to an even higher unemployment rate. Health care systems are not capable of providing laid off workers with an income while they practice social distancing and stay at home. People are left without an income, countries are unable to get credits and the whole situation worsens on tip of rising infection rates. It’s a vicious cycle.

It is time to be generous

As the Economist concludes, and I strongly agree, it is time to be generous. The IMF and the G20 are working on a plan to provide lending capacity to countries in need. And the rich countries should support and try their very best to help the poorest and hardest hit humans on earth to get through this global crisis that Covid-19 has and will cause. 

“It is too late to avoid a large number of deaths but not too late to avert a catastrophe. And it is in rich countries interests to think globally as well as locally.”, Economist March 26th, 2020, “The next calamity”. So please, stay healthy, keep your head up and accept the fact that you will feel different every day during the next weeks of containment measurements to flatten the curve of Covid-19 patients.

Call to action: Please leave a comment on the three things that keep you motivated to get through these crazy times and let us know why. 

We are not doing so bad after all! We can and will get through this and one thing is for sure: this pandemic will change the way we see and experience life for sure.

In the end we’re all in this together and to help each other will make this world a better place. 

Wishing you all the very best, stay safe, stay mindful! 


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